Web Design with Joomla!

Course Introduction

This course will offer the learners the deep understanding of using Content Management System (CMS) to develop a dynamic website. The instructor will use Joomla as a CMS of choice for developing professional, scalable, maintainable, database-driven and robust website. The learners will learn all features of Joomla including all extensions and plugins that can make a Joomla website interactive and professional with no programming or coding!

Course Outlines

1. Introduction to Easy Way to Build Websites
2. Installation and Configuration of Joomla
3. Basics of Building Websites
4. Content Organisation
5. Adding and Editing Articles
6. Creating Attractive Home Page
7. Managing Site Menus
8. Creating and Managing Users’ Accounts
9. Using Extensions to Enhance Website
10. Working with Templates
11. Search Engine Optimisation

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