Programming with VB.Net

Course Introduction

In this course, learners who are new to programming will learn Visual Basic software development fundamentals in the context of useful, real-world applications; and experienced Visual Basic programmers can quickly master the essential tools and techniques offered in the Visual Basic.Net.  The instructor will use Visual Studio as the Integrated Development Environment for developing Visual Basic Applications. The course is a highly practical and hands-on type.

Course Outlines

1. Installing and Exploring Visual Studio IDE
2. Visual Basic Variables and Formula
3. Using Decision Structures, Loops and Timers
4. Debugging and Error Handling
5. Creating Modules and Procedures
6. Working with Arrays and Collections
7. Exploring Text Files and String Processing
8. Managing Windows Forms and Control at Run Time
9. Adding Graphic and Animation Effects
10. Inheriting Forms and Creating Base Classes
11. Working with Printers
12. Getting Started with ADO.Net
13. Data Presentation using GridView Control
14. Creating Web Sites and Web Pages by Using Visual Web Developer and ASP.NET

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