Programming with C#

Course Introduction

This course is for those whose first programming language is C#, who have some basic knowledge of C# but want to brush up their skills, and those who are proficient in another programming language such as C++ or Java. Learners will be taught the details of C# language that will be used in everyday task. The instructor will start from the very basic and guide the learners to the advanced level.

Course Outlines
1. Introducing C#
2. Basic Programming Techniques
3. The Concepts of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
4. Error Handling
5. Working Arrays and Lists
6. Using Language Integrated Query (LINQ)
7. Working with Collection Classes
8. Programming Files and Streams
9. Accessing Database from C#
10. Dynamic Binding
11. Interop with COM and Win32
12. Working with WPF and Silverlight
13. Building Web Applications with C#
14. Using Windows Forms

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