Develop a CBT Portal


Course Introduction
In this course, the learners will learn the skill required to develop Computer Based Test Platform. As school enrolment is increasing yearly and the need for real time assessment of students is becoming more important, CBT happens to be the solution. Ability to develop a CBT portal is a highly professional skill. The instructor of this course will practically teach the learners how to set up a CBT portal and administer it with no programming experience!

Course Outlines
1. Using a FOSS as a CBT Platform: Why and How
2. Installation of the FOSS and Configuration
3. Using Password Generator
4. Preloading of Students Login Details
5. Setting up of Courses and Tests
6. Understanding Quiz Activity Module
7. Techniques of Bulk Upload of Questions
8. Managing Question Bank
9. Editing of Tests
10. Test Administration
11. Student Scores Extraction and Downloads

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