Develop an eLearning Portal


Course Introduction
In this course, learners will be introduced to different types of Learning Management Systems. The instructor will explain how to set up a LMS or eLearning Portal using a FOSS. In a step-by-step format, the instructor will practically guide the learners on the following: customisation of the FOSS, administrator roles, course creation, course administration, setting up of assignments and quizzes, grading of students, student result extraction, etc.

Course Outlines
1. Learning Management Systems
2. What is a FOSS and how it is used as LMS
3. Using a type of FOSS as an eLearning Portal
4. Installation of the FOSS and Initial Configuration.
5. Understanding Users Roles.
6. Mastering Interface and Features
7. Creating Accounts and Editing Profiles as Portal Administrator
8. Setting up Courses on eLearning Portal
9. Enrolling Teachers and Students on the Portal
10. Managing Course Participants
11. Bulk upload of Students or Users on the Platform
12. Adding Course Materials or Resources to Course Page
13. Adding Activities such as Assignment, Discussion Forums and Quizzes
14. Grading of Students and Generation of Reports
15. Students Score Sheet Extraction and Preparation

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