Everybody needs a skill

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You are welcome to LifeSkills Technologies. We offer training, services and consultancy in Web Design, CAD, Elearning, and Software Development. Our training will provide you all you need to know and get started in all of these skills. Our courses are highly interactive and carefully prepared in Video, PowerPoint, Images, and PDF formats. Please note that the courses are self-paced and 100% completion of any of our courses will lead to award of Certificates. For more details about each of the training, click on any of the course links, categories or images below:

1. CAD Training
autocad-logoOur CAD Training consists of both AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor Trainings. The AutoCAD training starts with the basics of 2D and 3D and then culminates in professional skill for machine and building designs. Our Autodesk Inventor Training is for Engineers who need the skills of digital prototyping, 3D modelling and Simulation.

2. Elearning Training
elearningWe provide training in both flexible and advanced technologies needed to achieve elearning. With this training, you will get skills in courseware digitisation, developing elearning courses, setting up learning management system and development of CBT platform with little or no programming experience!



3. Web Design Training
WEB DESIGNThis course will offer the learners deep knowledge technologies required to develop a beautiful, dynamic and database-driven website. The learners can choose the type of Web Design Course they prefer depending on the technology of their choice, which are:
1. HTML, CSS and PHP       2. ASP.Net              3. Joomla




4. Programming Training

Each of our Programming Courses were carefully prepared so that they can be completed at learners pace. They are hands-on courses putting in mind variety of skill levels. The two Programming Languages that we offer training on as of now are Visual Basic and Visual C#. They are languages for developing Desktop, Web and Mobile applications. The Instructor believes that Programmers learn by doing. Using Visual Studio Environment, he will guide the learners to quickly master the essential techniques required to become highly skilled and professional programmers


5. Microsoft Office Training
ms-officeWe offer training in Microsoft Office packages such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. The training is for beginners, intermediate and advanced users of these software. Most features which common users of Microsoft Office programs do not know are explored in this training.

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